Monday, June 13, 2016

The Last Week of My Companion

So yeah this was Elder Jensen's last week in his mission! He has had a great mission. We have spent a forth of our mission together, which is a LLLLOOONNNGGG TIME. But he is awesome. He is a friend of my soul now. 

Anyways, this week has been pretty good. We've met some awesome people and there are some people that we haven't been able to see. But it happens. There has been 4 days straight now of like 95 to 100 degrees and there are lots of mosquitoes and flies just bugging us. But it was still a great week. We were asked to help a family out by casting an evil spirit out of their home. It was kinda creepy but it was a good experience to have with that family. I really felt the Spirit of God there and the wife and daughter of the family felt it too. It was awesome. 

One of the people that we teach invited us out to lunch at a place called Fuji Bay. It's a sushi restaurant. It was sooooooo goooood! But we forgot to take pictures. T.T But this person, named Pete, is the husband of one of our members. He is a truck driver, which means that he is gone like alllllll week except for 2 days, Thursday and Friday. But he told us that he got a local job and that he is quitting his other job! Which is sooooooo AWESOME! That means he can come to church with his family and can meet with us more. It's an awesome thing that shows a lot of progress with him. It shows progress because he has gotten a local job before but never quit his old job. He just took a vacation so he could try out the new job. He didn't like the new one so he went back to the old job. But now it's different. YAY! lol. So yeah. That's some awesome progress. 

Saturday night, we had a big cultural event! We had tons of people bring in food from different countries and cultural (such as spain, africa, tonga, etc.). There was like over 100 people that came! IT WAS SOOO SUCCESSFUL. So yeah. I'll include a picture from the clean up that we took.

I hope you all have a good week! I'll be sure to have lots of good pictures next week of my new companion!

Elder Cox

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