Monday, July 18, 2016

This week was a GOOD week.

So, recently we have been really struggling with our finding of new people to teach. It's really quite frustrating sometimes. BUT! This week, we found a total of 7 new people to teach! That's awesome. It's something that we have really been trying to do. It's really awesome to see how the Lord has blessed us for trying harder and harder. 

One of the ones we met is named Ricky (well Ricardo but he goes by Ricky). He speaks both English and Spanish. And he is awesome. He loves talking to anyone of any religion because he loves learning more. He has met with us before and this time we were able to talk a lot about how we can know that the things we teach are true. He has prayed before to know but has not received an answer that they are true. So we are going to work with him on that. It will be awesome! 

An other one of the people we met is named Jose Angel. He lives about 40 minutes west of Sioux City in a little town called Wakefield, Nebraska, where the only stores are the gas station and a Dollar General (just built too! lol). His wife died 6 years ago and he is about to be married to a sister of one of our very active members. He is so excited to have a wife again lol and is just waiting . But he is soooooo willing to do everything we ask him to do. He loved church yesterday and the week before (that's where we met him) and he wants to keep coming. He is an awesomely humble guy. 

And I just recently passed 9 months in total that I've been here in Sioux City and a little more than a year since I've been really close to Sioux City. I've grown to love these people and it's been a really fun opportunity to learn and grow as well. 

I love ya'll! Have a great week!

Elder Cox

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