Monday, July 13, 2015


July 13, 2015

So yeah, I got transferred. A transfer is when a missionary gets moved to a different area to preach. It is possible every 6 weeks and is a pretty big thing. I just got moved from Omaha (the biggest city/biggest population of spanish is the mission) to a town called Norfolk (pronounce by the locals as Norfork). It is in Nebraska, has about 24,000 people in it, and is awesome so far. There are also surrounding towns that we go and visit such as Wayne, West Point, Beemer, Pilger, Madison, etc. which are all smaller than Norfolk. It's a really awesome area so far and the people are great. We don't have a lot of people to teach yet but that's a work in progress. There are like 5 Spanish family in our congregation that come regularly and like 5 or 6 more that don't come. It's gonna be AMAZING HERE! My trainer, or first companion in the mission field, was here like a year and a half ago for 9 months, so I can mention him and get people's opinion on him lol. 

Anyways, I now get to find out about a different way of having an area. In Omaha, we covered a lot of different congregations' areas but they all came to ours. Now, there is only 1 congregation that we cover and it's a mix between english and spanish. We will have to translate when any of our investigators come to church and can't speak english. There is another set of elders in the ward that are english only and we ride together to the other cities to save miles/when we have dinner together with the members. It's gonna be a lot of driving. When we and another elder had to drive to Norfolk from Sioux City, Iowa, It took an hour and a half! and driving out to like half the cities I mentioned in the last paragraph takes like 30 minutes to an hour! It's pretty crazy. Some are only 20 minutes away but that's still like forever! 

IT'S SO EXCITING. This is my 2nd area and it's still so awesome just to be out here. I miss all of you guys but I don't miss just sitting at home doing basically nothing. I know that there is nothing else I could be doing that would be better than being out here, whether in Omaha or Norfolk. I know that I have been sent here for a purpose that only the Lord God knows. I trust him.

Have a great week!

Elder Cox

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