Monday, November 23, 2015

First Week in the Sioux City!

So this week was pretty exciting. I like the good ol' Sioux City. I found out that It is part of 3 states: North Sioux city in South Dakota, South Sioux city in Nebraska, and Sioux City in Iowa. I got to do some things that I wouldn't normally do and got to have a great opportunity to be trained!

Trained: So first of all, I will need to explain the organization of our church.
1. The Prophet. He is the guy chosen by God to lead the church. He has all the power, authority, and right (or keys) from God to do so. There is only one at a time, so he is a pretty important guy. He directly receives direction from God for the whole world.
2. The Apostles. These are the guys that work directly with the prophet. They have the same power and authority but not the keys. They aren't directly lead by God in the same way the prophet is. They are special witnesses of him, and they are there to help the prophet.
3. The Seventy. People called to direct what the Prophet says in certain parts of the area. They get moved around, but they just say what the prophet says and apply it to directly to the area they are put over.

So, we were visited by a member of the Seventy, whose name is Elder James B. Martino. He's a really awesome. He came to our mission and visited Sioux City on Wednesday. He trained us on how to do our work better, because we are just 18-25 year old young adults, so a lot of times we don't do things right. He talked to us about how be more effective and to recognize that we are called by God to do this work. It was awesome. 

Things I wouldn't have normally been able to do: 
1.The day after he visited us, I and Elder Ferry went to Omaha to hear him instruct us as Zone Leaders specifically and help us help the missionaries we are in charge of. It was super awesome 
2. We went and closed an old missionary apartment. It's this place called Vermillion, South Dakota. There used to be missionaries there like 2 months ago but they were moved out of there and put somewhere else. We went and cleaned out the apartment. In the process, we discovered that the local thrift shops were all closed. So we filled a dumpster with the stuff that we didn't take back with us (we took stuff back to move in a different set of missionaries with the furniture that was there.), I'll include a picture of the dumpster that we filled. That day, it was also snowing!  Like a lot. So much that after about 1 o'clock, we were not allowed to use our cars anymore. We had to, because of the before mentioned move, but afterwards, we just had to walk around. It was like 6-8 inches of snow in one day. Wicked sick. We started the moves at about 9 (with about 2 hours total traveling to and from Vermillion) and ended the moves around 5:30. We helped like 5 people who were stuck in the snow and saw a huge crash of 3 buses and like 5 cars down this steep hill. It was awesome! 

So yeah, We're doing real good down here. Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Cox

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