Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanks Be Given!

So, this week was the week of Thanksgiving (obviously right). But,
this is now getting to the part of my mission where I realize that
next Thanksgiving, I'll be home. O.o It's a weird thought. But it's a
fact. So yeah.

Tuesday: So, with me now being a zone leader, i get to go on more
exchanges than before. I now go to some missionaries areas that i
normally wouldn't be able to go to. This week, I got to go to Storm
Lake, Iowa. It's a little town of like 10,000 people. It's main
population source is a Tyson meat factory that is right on the edge of
town. Hundreds of asian and hispanic workers flock to tysons country
wide because they pay their way into the country or at least are
always  looking for workers who really need money. Facts. So yeah,
this little town seemed like a really nice little town that
missionaries have worked in for YEARS. Like since the 1990's there
have been missionaries there and have never been taken out of that
small town. But it is a nice town. I met some nice people and was able
to help the missionaries do work there.

The Next Day (Wednesday): We went to Spencer, Iowa. It's north of
storm,lake. Its another town that missionaries have been in for a long
time. It's not a town that was made by a tyson or anything. I don't
even know why there are people there, other than it is by the tourist
hot spot of Okibogi in Iowa. But yeah, pretty fun up there. Got to eat
at a buffet for 2 bucks. It's a nice buffet too lol. But we helped the
missionaries up there with the missionary work and personal problems
that they had. It's really different being in a leadership position in
the mission because this is the kind of stuff that I am responsible to
help with. Naturally, even without being a leader I would help someone
if I knew about it. But, now I'm one of the people they directly turn
to to get help with problems like discouragement, depression, physical
pain, etc. It's really different.

Otherwise, on saturday, a member cooked us some venison! It was really
good. This week was a lot of not being able to teach people. We had
like 2 appointments a day cancel on us and it wasn't the most
enjoyable but we are still going for it! It's was hard, but it's going
to be real good. this week.

So, there is a new video from our church about Jesus Christ called A
Savior Is Born. I wanna invite you guys to check it out. It's super
awesome. The website also has some other content that really puts the
life of Jesus Christ into a personal perspective. It's Go check it out!

Have a great week!

Elder Cox

P.S. big snow storm today. Our big castle appartment complex has a
computer that I am currently e-mailing from but I can't get my usb or
my camera to hook up to it. So, no pictures until next week T.T

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