Monday, August 29, 2016

The Week of Darns.

So here is the week:

Monday was kinda lame but we did see some good people. One of them was in an African Weave store. She is called Monica and she has been talked to by the missionaries before. She started crying and wouldn't tell us why she was crying. So we shared a message and left. I hope she is all good. 

Tuesday: We weren't about to talk to like anyone. No one let us in/was available. 

Wednesday: I was with an elder named Elder Campbell and we were in his area (which is another part of Sioux Falls) and we talked to a family who just recently got baptized. They were cool. And then again, like no one wanted to talk to us. 

Thursday: We went to a meeting in Brookings, South Dakota and then I interviewed someone for baptism. She is so ready it's awesome. Then we met with Yanira (the Spanish Investigator) and she is stiiiillll aweeeessssooommmeeee!!!! She had a dream recently about baptism for the dead, which something that our church believes in and said that she knows it is true! So that's soooooo AWESOME! 

Friday: We gave a man a blessing that randomly like died after a race but was revived and is now in recovery. Then we plannend for the week. Then I met a man named Ayele. He was affected a lot by the Ethiopian-Italian War. but he loves Jesus. So we talked to him about Jesus. 

Saturday: We saw like a bunch of people! but.....

Sunday: no one came to church :(

That's like not a fun week. But it was good. We met some other people on Sunday that we can meet with during this week. So that's really good. 

Love you all!

Elder Cox

1st pic: Clouds!

2nd pic: Downtown Sioux Falls from a different Elder's apartment

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