Monday, September 5, 2016



This week was good! we had some good days and we met some awesome people! We went and knocked on some doors and found some people to teach. Besides that, we talked to some members of our ward who are passing through a hard time and we invited them to come back to church and to feel of the spirit that is found there. And they did! She even bore her testimony in the meeting about how she found out that the church was true! It was awesome, mostly because she has a personality disorder and is struggling with depression so it is very hard for her to even go to church. But she went! So that's good

Then, just like last week, Saturday was full of people to see and it was good! We had lunch with a member who's wife is not a member and then we went to the church for a lesson with someone that we met on Friday. She didn't show up because of a family emergency. Than we had a talk with a member that was with us for the lesson and she gave us some suggestions on people we could see, which was awesome. We then met with someone who I had never met before but she was being taught like 3 months ago. She had a loooooot of questions. Then, we watched a church movie with Hirut! She loved it. She said that she will think about being baptized, which is a good step. there are a lot of things going on in her life, so it might take some time. 

But yeah. Transfers are this week. So that's fun.

Love you all!

Elder Cox

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