Monday, November 21, 2016


It is cold now. It's been like less than 20 degrees every morning now. My hands are getting really cold if I don't have gloves on. But I have nice gloves. It snowed like 4 inches on Friday. And we were supposed to drive an hour south to Sioux City to pick up supplies but that didn't happen at all. We made it like 8 minutes south but we were slipping quite a bit so we stopped and turned around. That was scary.

Otherwise, this week was really good. We had the opportunity to talk to quite a few new people. They all seem pretty interested. We had quite an interesting experience with one of those new people. She literally invited us in "to argue and debate religious beliefs". So that was kinda not pleasant. But it went well. Then we went back on Saturday and she had printed 2 5-page documents against our church. So we had VERY LONG discussion with her and she came to terms with our beliefs and just opposes like 2 of them because we couldn't "prove it from the bible". So yeah. She is not really willing to change her mind and open her heart, so that was interesting.

I am still enjoying my mission! It is sad though, because now I have less than 10 days until I have to leave my mission and move on. It will be cool to move on and get to life, but i want my mission to be longer!

Love y'all!

Elder Cox

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