Monday, November 14, 2016

The Long E-mail

I told y'all that I would make up for last week's short e-mail. Here I go!

On Monday, after I e-mailed last time, we did a jam session with an investigator of ours named Mark. Elder Clark and he jammed on guitar and I just messed around on a nearby keyboard. It was awesome though. Mark then took us to Burger King and we were just talking and stuff. I asked him where he had lived and he said that he lived in Benson, AZ, which is where my family lived like 9 years ago now. So that was awesome.

On Tuesday, We helped this old lady, whose house is like full to the ceiling with junk and also super useful stuff, begin to clear her living room. There were literally so many boxes of stuff that we didn't know that there was a couch and 2 chairs underneath all this stuff. Then we went to Marshall, MN, to work up there all that day. It's like almost 2 hours north east of Sioux Falls, SD. It was cool up there. I was with Elder Sandberg, who is new to the mission. They have a lot of different cultured people that are going to school in the College up there. It's cool to see all the culture.

On Wednesday, we went to Brookings, SD for a meeting and then I stayed there the rest of the day with Elder Larsen, who is training a new missionary. He is funny. We had an awesome day. Someone bought us pizza, so that was the best. Brookings is another college town and it is pretty packed with cars during class time. We could barely park the car!

On Thursday, we returned to Sioux Falls and had a meeting with all the local missionary leaders and our Mission President and his assistants. It was awesome. Then I was with one of the assistants to the President for the day! His name was Elder Karl. We used the Spirit a lot to help us while trying to find people to teach and found a huge birthday party of Hispanics and then a rehearsal of a Hispanic kids group getting ready to sing for a Hispanic church with their families! We tried to get in there to talk to people but couldn't get far. We got like 3 peoples information to talk to their families. And then their neighbors were Hispanic too! it was great. They were pretty anti other churches too. But it was awesome. I love Hispanics!

On Friday, we had an awesome time. We taught Mercedes' soon-to-be-Step-Father, Myron, and he really liked it! We had dinner with an awesome family and had Robin and her family over as well and taught her about fasting. Then we saw Hirut, the lady from ethiopia. She has been to church like almost everyweek recently! it's awesome! Then, we saw a family who haven't been to church for a while called the Makinson family and we had someone who was baptized like a few months ago come with us. They hit it off immediately! They are both native american, they both shave their heads, they both like football, they have like everything in common! It was super cool!

Hirut, Myron, and the Makinson family all came to church!!!! It was sick!!! We had a great week.

I hope this find y'all well!

Elder Cox

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