Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First week in the MTC

Seems like all of the missionaries in my district are learning some good Spanish but it`s totally messing with our English. Like my companion, Elder Barton from Spanish Fork, Utah, tried to say 'That derailed my train of thought' but he totally said 'That train tracked my rain of thought,' and I forgot the words 'middle school.' Hearing people from far away now just sounds like they are speaking Spanish that I don't know, even if they are speaking English. I'm learning Spanish really fast tho. There are still soooooo many words I still don't know. But i'm getting the hang of it.
On day 2, they had us start teaching an 'investigator' in Spanish. we had to prepare a lesson based on her needs and it went well. She said (from what i could understand) that she felt 'something different' so she felt the spirit. My companion had 3 years Spanish in High School so he knows how to carry on conversations. But his Spanish is so much better when we are teaching than otherwise, so we know that the lord is helping us. We've taught 2 lessons since then that have gone well too so we aren't doing the worst in the world.
The food here is realllly good. Like every meal, they have a different main course with like two choices of them. In the morning, they have bread that you can toast and peanut butter plus NUTELLA that you can top it with. It is muy bueno (very good). and there are like yogurt drinks that have a bunch of vitamins and stuff so i have one of those every morning. Only had my stomach hurt once, because had 2 big impanadas when i should've had one. Tums cleared that up quite nicely. 
Our casa (house) is pretty nice. 4 missionaries to a room, 5 rooms to a casa, 1 bathroom per room. the other missionaries in the our room are like total opposites but they still get along pretty well. my companion is pretty cool and says some pretty Utahan curse words like 'What the Frappe?' Psssh, Utahans. 
The first sunday was pretty great. Really relaxing, even though there was a chance that I could have been called on to say a talk in spanish. Sacrament meeting was entirely done in spanish, but the other meetings weren't. We had a Branch (really the branch would be our Zone) Family Home Evening last night (I'm in Branch 12, District D). There was about 35-45 members in our Zone but there is like 10 leaving for their missions today and tomorrow. They are so spiritual and really awesome to be around. I can't wait until that's me going to the mission field. Not gonna be able to go the temple. It's being remodeled right now.
So, I'm happy we can't leave the campus of the mtc cuz mexico city traffic is literally crazy. No turn signals, sudden merging, etc. No bueno for the nerves. 
Anyway, that's about it. Loving it here at the Mexico MTC (in spanish it's CCM). Love you all!

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