Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Le Cuada Semana Missionero!

The title means "the every week missionary" since i don't know how to say weekly.
This week has been super awesome. We (me and my companion) had more lessons with our investigator, who turned out to be our new afternoon teacher and one of two new investagators. Our other new investigator is our morning teacher. After giving her a book of mormon in the fourth lesson, we asked her to be baptized. She asked us why we wanted to baptize her. My companion said some spanish that i didn't all understand but then she turn the question to me. I said simply "El Evangelio de Jesucristo me hacé felizidad. Lo quiero estar felizidad. Yo se que El Evangelio lo hacerá felizidad." (The gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy. I want you to be happy. I know the Gospel will make you happy) She then said yes to baptism. And that was only on Friday. Yesterday, before our Zone FHE, I was able to explain (albeit very slowly) the Book of Mormon section of the first missionary lesson. I surprised myself with how much I have learned.

The food here is still great. Tuesdays are garunteed Costco Pizzas for dinner, which makes P-day the best day hands down! Haven't had a problem with dairy here but i haven't had much dairy other than a yogurt in the morning and one bowl of cereal with Rice milk i think? it wasn't cold and had some like wheat stalks and rice on the front so i have no idea what it is. All labels are in spanish so i don't know the specifics lol. it wasn't bad though.

Went to the Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center today, which was awesome. They had a Zarahemla Book Store with some mexico specific merchandise (like a cool backpack in like mexican colorful style that was 13 dollars or 130 pesos, and ties of which i bought a few reallly awesome ones). the Visitor's Center has 2 rooms where you can select an Apostal or member of the First Presidency and see a video of their testimony. It also has a "Meet the mormons" wall, where you slide a screen over a selection of people and you can hear their story. It's super cool.

This week, we had a few devotionals. One we watched The Restoration video, which is always awesome. But right before that, we were able to watch a YouTube video of David Archletta and a bunch of other YouTubers sing and perform the World's largerst Nativity (it's in the record book now). You guys should totally look that up later. WE had a Devotional in which the Director of Activity at the CCM (remember, thats spanish for MTC) talked to us about perserverance and obedience. It was super cool.

That's about it! Really enjoying my time here and not missing home much at all. Homesickness might hit me about week 5 but I have some people that had that problem that i can ask advice about. Love you all!

Elder Cox.

I think the video from YouTube that Elder Cox mentions is:
And it is amazing! Seriously. 

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