Tuesday, December 30, 2014


so this is what my morning teacher did to our wall on Christmas Eve. It's baking spray, like sprayable baking powder. Anyways, We walked in and were like "What are you doing!" he's like "It's not permanent!" it was the greatest thing ever, i swear. Had to get a pic to send.

Had a great week for Christmas. Even though my own mother didn't send me a Christmas Package (mainly because you can't send packages unless they are from Mexico), My companion's mom sent him with a package for him and his companion. There was a Yo-Yo for each of us, candy, and kleenex (which we need, since we are both getting a cold). We had like 3 talks from church leaders on Christmas (one live broadcast from the Prove Missionary Training Center and 2 videos from previous ones.) And we watched Meet The Mormons (first primere with spanish subtitles too)! It was a sweet Christmas.

Learning spanish like crazy now. We have "Solo EspaƱol" days, where we can't speak english to anyone but our Companions. Those days have really boosted my ability and vocab. I'm memorizing about 30 words a day, which doesn't seem like much, but i'm also memorizing about 7 phrases a day, which boosts the words a ton too. It's crazy how fast I'm learning.

Food still good, people still cool, weather still optimal, time still almost never able to be wasted. It's great down here.

I miss you all! (only a little bit tho :P)

Elder Cox

And here's a picture of my companion

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