Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last week in the Mexico! (Week 6)

This week has been pretty crazy and fun. I'mma start by just saying that me, my companion, and 2 other missionaries are the only missionaries left in our casa (house) since monday at like 2 a.m. We all had the brilliant idea of quickly grabbing all of their blankets and pillows before maintence took them. We now have about 50 blankets and 12 pillows arranged in a bed on the floor (no pics, last time I tried sending pics the email didn't send). We just keep jumping off the top bunk and landing on the now soft ground. It's great.

Our teacher, Hermano Kolob Hernandez (kolob being like the coolest name ever), made us a paper lantern, like in Tangled just more plain. It was awesome! But, we lit it and once it was ready, it didn't quite make it very far off the ground. It ended up getting stuck in a tree, still on fire. It eventually fell, we put the fire out, and made ourselves scarce, since it was in front of the house of the MTC President. It was like so exciting. Then we had a tie trade that night. (a bunch of élders come to a casa and bring ties that they wanna trade. you barter and trade for better, more interesting ties. it's super fun. having one more tonight.)

This last week has also been pretty sad. Since me and others in my casa leave last, we don't have as many people that we know to hang with today. It's all just the "younger" missionaries (relative term, since we are all about the same age anyways), which is fine, but i already miss those who have left. But i really can't wait to leave. I'm so excited to serve those in the Nebraska Omaha Mission. I can't wait to have my winter clothes and CD player which are hopefully waiting for me there (i bought the Church Hymns in spanish for 53 pesos so like 4 dollars and i can't wait to listen to those along with the CDs my brother gave me from his mission)

I feel like i'm just about ready. My spanish needs some more time, but there is literally not enough time in the MTC to become sufficiently trained in speaking a foreign language fluently. They give you enough time to know how to teach yourself in the field and get you with a strong basis. I mentioned in the last email that there were people that were struggling and someone asked me if i was one of them. I wasn't having any problems, other than i keep getting food on my clothes! ugh.

I can't wait to be in Nebraska tomorrow! it's gonna be awesome!

Miss you all,

√Člder Cox

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