Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ok, let's try this again!

Apparently, last week my group email didn't send even though it is totally in my sent file. So here it is:

This week was pretty cool, if I say so myself. Had a group of missionaries in my zone leave. 6 Elders and 4 Hermanas (sister missionaries). They were all awesome examples of missionaries and some of the greatest people I met here in the Missionary Training Center.

Basic info recap: Food is still pretty good.
There is some construction being done on some sidewalks cuz the trees are messing with the sidewalk (pssh, darn nature messing up our awesome sidewalks).
The people in my district (there is 10 including me) are like all going through problems with sickness, anxiety, and not quite learning the language. It's pretty crazy. But they are all going through it and still doing their best to prepare to serve their missions. It's pretty inspiring. 2 of them that were having it pretty bad were thinking of going home but, through prayer, they were able to know what they needed to do which was stay here. Reallly inspiring for me. I don't wanna go home yet, so don't worry about me :P

This week we had what is called TRC (don't know what it stands for) for the first time. TRC is when volunteers from the city come and get taught by the missionaries and then give us some feed back. Me and my companion had a man named Gaspar. He said he had been a missionary years ago and now had stopped going to church. He wanted to talk to someone about it (i think. He was talking fast and I'm not that good at understanding fast talkers in Spanish). We taught him some and I really felt like we made a difference in his life. It makes me SUPER EXCITED for the real mission field.

We have had some great talks about obedience and diligence in the Mission Field, and i'm so excited for it. Only 2 weeks and I'll be in Omaha!

I'm glad for all the emails you have sent me and I'm really glad for the opportunity to serve a mission.

Love and miss you all! 

Elder Cox 

Now onto this week's email (this is gonna look super long isn't it)

Had some more missionaries leave from my zone leave today/yesterday. 6 Elders and 2 Hermanas. Another set of amazing people that are gonna do an AMAZING JOB serving the Lord in Ecuador, Long Beach Cali, and Everett Washington. They were some of the best examples of how the Lord prepares those people that He calls.

It's really crazy to think that I've already been here 1 day shy of 5 weeks. It feels like I've been here for months and at the same time that I've been here like 1 week. I'll be getting my flight info soon but I'm pretty sure I am leaving here next week early in the morning. It's gonna be SUPER COLD up in Omaha. But I can't wait.

Food and people are still as good as ever, but the food doesn't like me. I've had 2 drinks slip from my hands and get all over my nice white shirts. But like it says in Isaiah 1:18 "though your sins (shirts) be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow." But seriously, they washed out and became white in the washer so I'm not sad about it.

Learning and teaching in Spanish is crazy. Just 5 weeks ago I couldn't hold any conversation in Spanish. Now I can hold my own in a 20-40 minute lesson and help people in their native language. Can't wait to go freeeeeeeze in Nebraska! Sorry for the unknown-to-me error of last week's email.

Love y'all! (¡Te amo ustedes!)

Elder Cox 

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