Monday, May 18, 2015

The Spanish Week!

This week there was something called Spanish Conference on thrusday! It's where all the Spanish missionaries in the entire mission gather and have some specifically Spanish trainings and such. It was awesome! I got to see basically everyone that I'll ever have as a companion (unless I train a new missionary or am with a newly train missionary later on). I have a picture of it that I will attach. You can see all of them and they are all super funny and awesome to be around.

This week was a bit discouraging. We had 3 days (not in a row luckily) where like literally all of our plans fell through one by one. The only plans that didn't fall through were dinner plans, which I'm super grateful for XD. But not all of the plans fell through without a back up plan working out in a way that was almost better than we hoped the first plan would be! It was really cool, but still, it isn't fun when things fall through over and over. but I know that if I trust in God to help me plan better and know who else I need to visit. It's not easy but I can do it with the Lord's help.

It's still going so good out here tho! Don't you guys be worrying about me at all! Hope you are all doing well too!

Elder Cox

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