Monday, May 11, 2015

Week of the Interview *dun dun DUN*

So, this week was the week where I had my first interview with the Mission President, who's name is President Micheal Weston (just like in burn notice, the USA channel t.v. show). He's a pretty tough cookie. It was an awesome first and last interview with him. He is leaving in June I think and will be replaced by someone else. Apparently, he went easy on like everyone this time around (I wasn't the only person getting interviewed; every missionary in the mission had interviews this last 2 weeks). It was awesome to get to talk to the person that is literally Called by God to be my leader and the leader of all the missionaries in this mission. He's a pretty busy guy so I don't get to see him often or talk to him face to face. It's mainly just the weekly e-mail he sends all the missionaries and through our missionary leaders in our district and zone. One thing I am going to start doing to accomplish my goal of becoming more healthy is to cut back (majorly) on my sugar intake and to exercise more diligently every morning for 30 minutes. It's something that he suggested to me to do and it's something that me and Elder Jensen want to work on. 

In other news, I got to Skype my family! 2 times a year, Missionaries get the opportunity to call or Skype their parents. This happens on Mother's Day, which was yesterday, and on Christmas. It was super cool to see my parents, one of my 2 brothers, my sister, and my dog. It is awesome! 

!Cool story! We were visiting this member who is having a lot of problems and that we want to help. We weren't able to talk with her long but when we returned to our car, some drunk guy across the street called us over. He told us that he had stopped someone from stealing our car when we were talking to the member. He also asked us the differences between his religion (he is a baptist) and our religion. I gave him a Book of Mormon so he could read it and find the differences. He said it was hot to the touch, which was super weird. We then said goodbye and went on our way. It was such a miracle to have some random guy stop someone from stealing our car! (especially a drunk guy!) 

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Cox

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