Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Day Late, Dollar Short Pt. 2 (feat. Elder Shipley and Elder Holman)

So yesterday was a federal holiday, which means all the Libraries are closed. In other words, we weren't able to e-mail yesterday. What makes it even better is that we forgot about that and were almost to the library when we realized that XD. It was really funny.

So this week has been quite... disappointing (although that's a pretty strong word to say). Four days out of this week have been cancellation after cancellation and it felt like there was no end to that. On the other days, only 1 or 2 plans didn't fall through, which made it even more discouraging. It was just one pothole after another on our journey through this week. And this had happened a lot the week before too! I was pretty discouraged and felt like giving up for a while but Elder Jensen helped me by motivating me and helping me see that even though we haven't had appointments, we've still improved ourselves throughout the weeks. This week is already off to a good start because we saw a family that we hadn't seen for like a month and a half (super long time man). I've really ready to work this week through and have a great time out here. 

So, the reason the e-mail subject says "feat. Elder Shipley and Elder Holman", is because last night, we had 2 elders by those names sleep over. They are just ending their missions and needed a place in Omaha to stay (Omaha is like the overall headquarters of the Mission). They were super cool and had some great stories and experiences to share with me and Elder Jensen. Elder Holman had served in Omaha Spanish like one year and a few months ago and had some advice for us on people to see. It was awesome to be able to hang with them for the night (although we went to bed a lot later than we should have). We played a game of Settlers of Catan and talked some Spanish. 

I'm doing good over here. Hope you are all doing good too!

Elder Cox

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