Monday, June 8, 2015


This week was as the title says. I don't really have a lot to say about this week but we've just been working and having lots of success. I'll just update you guys on the a person that we've been teaching and some fun facts about missionaries and what we do together.

First thing, as missionaries, we have a meeting every week with a few other missionaries that are in a group called a District. There are like 3 Districts in a Zone. the weekly meeting is called District meeting. It's really cool and we get 2 Trainings, one from the District Leader and one from any other missionary in the District. I got to give a Training this week and it was really fun. I had to study a topic and help others understand more about this topic and stuff. It is a huge learning experience. this is my 2nd training that I have had the opportunity to give. fun facts.

New investigator that we have: Name: Pablo. He is living with his sister, who actually goes to an English congregation of our church with her husband and kids (usually). I mentioned Pablo last week in my E-mail, he was the one who just showed up at church that we taught. We had dinner with this family on Monday and taught him again on Saturday and Sunday (SO MANY AWESOME LESSONS). He's from Ecuador and has been here like a month now. He's taking English Classes and showed us his English ability (he's pretty good for 1 practicing class recently and studying for like 1 year in Ecuador). He's just a guy looking for the truth. He asks tons of questions and is really interested in finding the truth. His sister is like reallllllllyyyy good at explaining things in perfect Spanish! She taught like half of the lesson on Saturday, which is like perfect. Our Spanish is totally bad compared to hers, I swear. also, It's Spanish from Ecuador, which is ever so slightly different than Spanish from like Mexico, which is like mostly what we as missionaries learn. It's like the difference between British English and American English, but not quite as much as that. It's hard to explain.

Well that's about all I got for this week. The weather has been hot and kind humid this last week so I can tell that Summer is gonna be SO MUCH FUN right?! I don't like it too much XD I just sweat a lot, so it's not the most fun thing in the world :P.


Elder Cox

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