Monday, June 29, 2015


June 28, 2015

This week has been rather dull, except for a few gems of fun experiences. I'll tell you a few of them.
Monday, we visited a faithful member's house, The Coronado family, and talk to the mother of this family about her husband, who is in jail. The reason he is in jail is that he is illegal (it's a fun thing that we run into all the time, cuz we talk to Latino population. It's a simple fact that some are illegal.), and he was doing roofing for this guy. He did 3 jobs for htis guy and he was due to be paid like 7,000 dollars. but this guy didn't feel like paying him. So he reported him to the deportation office. So, he's been in jail since November. The mother told us that her husband, while he has been in jail has read the entire Bible and Book of Mormon. the day before he went into jail, he had told her that he felt he needed to talk to the missionaries about joining our church. Then he went to jail. CRAZY. And she asked us to visit him. So, on tuesday, we went to the local Correctional Facility (it's like a mile from our house) and got signed up to be on his list for visits. We then visited him on thursday, after he approved us. It was the wierdest thing to be teaching someone through a video camera. We had to just sit infront of this TV and we talked with him through a telephone. He's a really good guy; he has just been mistreated by people. And we are hoping and praying for a miracle. He wants to be baptized on the 10th of August. That means that he and we are testing our faith that he will be baptized on that date. It's a goal we set and he really thinks it can happen, and so do we! If you guys back home could pray for that, he and we would appreicate it!
That's like the biggest thing that happened this week! Have a good Week!
Elder Cox

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