Monday, June 1, 2015

The Week of Miracles

This week had many miracles. A miracle isn't exactly like what you might think. A lot of things can be miracles. I'll begin listing them. (I think I even forgot some so yeah)

1. Tuesday: A member called us to help her husband who is feeling sick. He has a kidney stone and so she asked for a blessing of the sick for him. (him being sick isn't the miracle). We went there and they had asked a friend of theirs who is in an English church congregation (the member family goes to the spanish) and we gave the blessing. The miracle is that he is a bone doctor and Elder Jensen (my companion) has like 3 different bone problems that the doctor can help with. MIRACLE for Elder Jensen!

2. Saturday: We were tracting (which means knocking doors to try to find people to teach). It was an apartment building that was given to us by some other elders to try. We try like 12 apartments and like 2 people said to come back. We decided to try some other ones real close by and we then found a man named Caesar. He had missionaries visit before but I'd never seen him before. He welcomed us in graciously and we had an awesome lesson with him. He says that he intends to get baptized soon. So Awesome! Much Miracle! So Wow!

3. Sunday: At church, there was these two people, a man and a women that like no one knew. After Sacrament meeting, we introduced ourselves and found out it was a member that usually went to an English ward and her brother who just moved here from Ecuador and is searching for the true church of God. We taught him during church and have dinner with him and his sister's family tonight for our next lesson. Such a MIRACLE! This is like the biggest one because we have a huge problem with getting people to come to church. They are always working on Sunday or just don't come. 

4. Sunday: After dinner with an awesome member family, we tried a referral given to us by the sister missionaries of the ward. He's a man who wants to learn more about God and wants to come to church! He's gonna read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true and will be at church next week! MIRACLES EVERYWHERE! 

It was an awesome week! The Lord has given Elder Jensen and I many miracles and it's been awesome! I love being out here and all the ways that God is giving me to help and teach and serve the people here in Omaha! TTYL!!!

Elder Cox

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