Monday, August 24, 2015

The Biggest Opportunity of my Life

Ok, so maybe not the biggest but it's really huge. I'm training! Training in the mission means that I have the opportunity to be companions with a BRAND NEW missionary, right from the Missionary Training Center. It's a huge responsibility that isn't given to everyone. It is a quite heavy responsibility too! The Mission president, President Gardner, Told us that "Training is the most important leadership position in the entire mission. Trainers set up a new missionaries entire life. The mission itself sets up a person for their life. Having a great trainer allows missionaries to have a great mission and a subsequent great life." THAT'S A LOT OF RESPNSIBITITY! It's a real blessing to know that God trusts me so much that he has allowed me to train a new missionary. His name is Elder Wiltbank from Safford, Arizona, which is like 3 hours east of the capital of Arizona. He is super awesome and really willing just to go out and work. 

I was not expecting to get a new companion this transfer, much less expecting to train lol. Elder Pearson and I had a really good time together. There is really so much to talk about that I don't even know where to start. Right! So, Elder Pearson and I got a call from some really fast talking Spanish lady to help her learn English. We made an appointment and were able to meet with her. Her name is Almarosa (translation Rose Soul or Pink Soul, which is really cool). She has some really weird last names that I don't remember lol. But she is quite the person. She had our number from last year, when my trainer, Elder Wilson was around. He and his companion were doing English classes at the time and she was too busy with school to take lessons. She instead decided to do them this year. It is quite exciting to be able to teach English! It's gonna be flippin' hard but really awesome too! She also has a lot of questions about God and our church but she basically said "English first, church later" so that'll be fun. 

Anyways, I am having a great time right now! It's gonna be hard (and it kinda is already) to have a new missionary but it's a responsibility that I will be ready to bear! Love you all! I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Elder Cox

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