Monday, August 10, 2015

Week of Good

This week was almost awful. 

The end.

Just kidding! Ha, I don't think I tricked anybody. This week had some things happen that were pretty good and some that were less good. Overall, good week. The less good things: We found out that 3 of the people that we teach are not going to be able to see us anymore. They were 3 cousins who were all like brothers. The oldest, Pedro, was reading and praying and was gonna come to church. the other two, Pedro(2nd) and Jesus, were pretty much following his example. But, on Thursday we found out that Pedro had moved back to Guatemala to go to the hospital there for a heart condition and will probably be there for the rest of his life. The other 2 are now going to move out of state because Pedro moved to Guatemala. And that's gonna be like whenever they can find the right place to live, which will be soon apparently. It's crazy! It all happened like really quickly too! It's rough though. Now we gotta find a lot of new people to teach. 

The good thing that happened is what I really liked about this week. We had exchanges with our missionary leaders (who are spanish Elders!). The 2 of them came down to Norfolk and I went with an Elder named Elder Neuenswander. Imagine trying to a Spanish-Speaker to say that name. He goes by Elder Swan, to make it easy. We had a pretty fun day together. While we were working, we didn't have anyone that wanted to talk to us at that point in time, only got people saying that they were available on a different day or different time. Until after dinner. We found some Latino men moving a couch into a truck. We asked them if they needed help but they said no. So we headed into some apartments that were close by and headed up to the top floor to start tracting. We were followed up by a Latino women, which happened to be visiting the top floor apartment. Elder Swan and I talked to them and found out that she used to see the sister missionaries that used to be in the area. She moved and now we found her. That's not the end of the story!

This is the fun part. We were passed by a Latino man who was entering the apartment (we were talking just at the doorway) and the women became distracted by what was now coming to pass inside the apartment. The man had come inside to take quick measurements of the back screen door of the apartment. We soon realized that this man was one of the ones that we had seen moving a couch earlier. We came inside and asked if we could help. This time they said yes. They were gonna move the couch from the back of the truck up about 25 feet to the back deck of the apartment. there was only 3 guys and they were gonna try to do it. We helped them and were able to do it. It was hard, even with all 5 of us. I feel like we nearly saved their lives by being there lol. It was an awesome little experience cuz the women invited us to come to her home and talk to her about our message. 

Overall, it was a good week. Hope you all have a good week too!

Elder Cox

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