Monday, December 7, 2015

Week of the Big Meeting!

It wasn't actually that big of a meeting. It was Zone Training, which I've explained before as all the missionaries in a certain area getting together to be trained on how to be a better missionary. The difference for this time is that I was one of the ones doing the training! The Zone Leaders of the Zone that is meeting are the ones that talk to the rest of the missionaries. 
IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL. I really don't know why it was so stressful lol. I'm not really scared of public speaking. I was preparing for it and like the entire time that I was preparing, I just felt an overwhelming sense that I couldn't do this. I couldn't get rid of the feeling for a long time. But then, I did something that everyone can do to get help. I prayed. I asked God to help me. I was preparing to help His missionaries, so I got an answer to that prayer really quick. I felt that I would still feel overwhelmed, but they I would not be overwhelmed. I prepared for it and was ready when the time came. Then, Surprise, Surprise! Our mission president was there! He usually wouldn't come up to Sioux City for a Zone Training. He spoke to us a little bit and said about 75% of the things I would have said. So, I just went up there when it was my time and I was given, by God, the words I needed to say. I know that they were given by him because I really had no idea what I needed to talk about. I said a little bit of the stuff that I had prepared but I was given a question to ask. That question lead me to something that some of the other missionaries needed to hear. After the meeting was over, I had a few people say that they knew something that they really needed to do from my training. I know that God helped me with something as simple as talking in front of a group of people. 

Otherwise, this week was really cool. I got to go back to Norfolk for a bit to do an exchange with a missionary down there and got to say hi to a few folks that I knew. I don't have a whole lot to say about what else we are doing over here because we haven't been able to teach a lot of people. Like, out of the 10 set appointments we have throughout a week, like 3 go through. It's pretty frustrating but we've been able to talk to most of the people and have been able to get better times or to find other places to meet with them. It's been improving so next week will be filled with the people that we are working with. For now, I'll mention a man named Sergio. He's someone that was taught once before like 4 months ago. He is SUPER NICE! Like, he is just so friendly! We taught him the first lesson that we usually teach and he accepted the invitation to be baptized on January 2nd! We are seeing him again tonight so I can't wait for that. He also has a wife and kids so we are hoping the whole family can be involved!

Anyways, Life is doing real good out here. I'm loving it! On Thursday, December 10th, It'll be exactly 1 year since I left. It's crazy how fast that year has gone by!

I love you all!!!!!

Elder Cox

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