Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Week of: THE COLD! DUN DUN DUN!!!

So yeah, it was cold this week. The highest day got to like 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so that was exciting. The coldest it got was on Sunday. It was like -10 with a -25 wind chill, so that was fun. It wasn't actually that bad, because we had appointments to be at. If we didn't have any appointments, we were allowed to just stay inside and study instead of go door to door or things like that. I studied about how to teach better, so that was good. 

Otherwise, I went to Omaha for a day! It was awesome to be able to return there a bit. We did an exchange with the missionaries who are assistants to the Mission President. They are like the leaders of the Zone Leaders. It was awesome. We just did the same work that missionaries do anywhere else. But, it was in part of the same area that I was in during the beginning of my mission (North Omaha) so it was awesome! I didn't see anyone that I knew but that's ok. We taught 3 lessons outside! Luckily, that was the day it was 35 ish, so that wasn't that bad. 

This week has been awesome though. We are still teaching Rodolfo, who I mentioned in my Christmas letter, and he is preparing to get baptized for next Saturday! He still isn't 100% sure that this is what he wants to do, but he is still seeking for his answer from God. Like everyone we teach, we want him to know that baptism is the right thing for him. We want him to really believe that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ before they make a commitment like baptism. So, we always invite everyone to ask God if the things we teach are true. It's something that we can all do. We do that through prayer (which is simply talking to God). I know that I should be out here in Iowa not because my mom said to do it or my church leaders said it would be a good idea. I know that I need to be here because God told me that I should go on a mission. And that is why I'm here. And I love it!!!! I love it out here! I love being a missionary, because I know that this is right and I know that I am helping people to come closer to Jesus Christ! And I love that!!!! Just so you all know, I really enjoyed being at home, but being out here is where I knew i should have been for little while. Being out here is so fulfilling! That's why I love it! I feel like I am really getting closer to my Savior personally, as well as helping others do the same. And I do feel very close to God, because I live his gospel as restored to the earth through his modern day prophet. That gospel is what brings us the close to God. We can come the closest to God only through his restored gospel. I want to help everyone see that and then do it! I want all of you guys to do that too! Because you are all children of God that God loves. Just know that.

Have a great week!

Elder Cox

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