Monday, January 25, 2016

The Week where I don't know what to say

This week was awesome! Some of the highlights:

One of our investigators, named Angel, recently told us that he can get baptized soon! One of the conditions for baptism that he couldn't meet but now can is to be off of parole. His parole will end in the beginning of February so he can get baptized shortly after that! I'll happen on the 20th of February (which is my birthday!) It's gonna be an awesome happy day! He's been waiting for like 9 months now to have his parole end. And now he can be baptized! It's an awesome occasion! 

We found some awesome new investigators named Walter and Victor. They are from the Dominican Republic. They are awesome! The accent they have is very different for the accent that most people. It's really awesome. Walter is super excited about everything that we say. Victor is much more laid back and like cautious but they both have super good questions. They seem like they are really ready to accept the Gospel. 

Other than talking to 2 people this week that realllllllyyyy love the bible and are kinda hard to talk to because of it that's really about it for this week. 1 of the people that loves the Bible, named Gil, is super open and really awesome to talk to. The other person, not so much. I, personally, do try to keep my mind open as possible, and talking to Gil has really opened up my understanding of the Bible and has deepened my testimony of modern prophets, because there are things that are in the Bible that have meanings that have been revealed to God's prophets that are on the earth nowadays. The truth that is revealed through modern prophets really helped me understand more. It's awesome!

I hope everyone stays warm and dry out there!!!

Elder Cox

P.S. Shout out to my Brother's birthday next week!

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