Monday, January 4, 2016

This week tho.

So this week was super awesome. We had some awesome times that I'mma tell y'all about. 

So, first and foremost, I had an awesome experience when someone wasn't there. So we were trying to see this family that hasn't been to church in quite a while. They weren't there. We then tried one of their neighbors. This 17 year-old kid answered the door and said we could try back tomorrow. We did that. He let us in the next day and we taught him. The house was pretty hectic tho. Like 2 minutes after we came in, his parents came home and his brother and sister woke up. People were talking loudly to each other and it was quite the scene for a little while. But we kept teaching this young man (named Dayton). He was really cool. He didn't really believe in God, because he hadn't really seen much of God in his life. We shared with him that God created him and loves him, which God did and does for all of us. As we went on, his brother was in and out of the room and had a few interesting questions. We helped him understand the answers and he liked it. At the end of the lesson, after sharing about Joseph Smith and his calling as a prophet, we asked Dayton what it would mean to him if these things were true. He said this very true statement, "It would mean a complete and utter change in my understanding and perception." It shocked me that he completely understood what this means for each of us. If Joseph Smith was called as a prophet, that means that God again has prophets on the earth that can give us current direction, straight from God himself. We can have all the answers to every question God is ready to answer right now through that prophet and We can all participate in ordinances such as baptism by the proper authority, God's authority which he gives to prophets. and I know that this is true. I have asked the only being that knows everything if this is true. And He, God himself, has made it manifest to me through his Holy Spirit. This is the Spirit of God that I know has helped my family make right choices throughout their life and the Spirit that brought me out here to Nebraska (and part of Iowa now) and has helped me become the man I am today. This knowledge has shaped who I am, my very being, and I am forever grateful for that.

That might be a lot for someone to understand, but if anyone is confused about what I just said, ask me about it. I'd be happy to explain it more. 

Otherwise, this week was also awesome because there were a lot of people at church! There was still space for more people but there were more people than I've ever seen before! It was a great start to a great new year! 

This week was just so awesome! I'm really fired up for this last year of my mission and I'm ready to help everyone to come to Christ! I hope this year everyone can focus themselves on coming closer to Christ and receiving the joy that only he can give. It's something that I've seen so much in my life and really want to share with all of you.

Have a great week!

Elder Cox

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