Monday, March 21, 2016

Superb Week! Transfers on Wednesday! AHHHH!

So, yeah. Tomorrow I find out if I am leaving Sioux City of sticking around for another 6 weeks. It's pretty exciting but I'm also a bit anxious. I do like it here, so I don't wanna leave, but at the same time I wouldn't mind some change lol. It's been good here, so I really don't wanna leave. Anyways, whatever happens happens! 

So this week had some HUGE heart break. So I talked about the MIRACLE which happened last week in the which we found a family that we drew and had a time to go see them. So, we saw them on Wednesday. Sadly, the wife was out of town on a work thing and so we just talked to the husband of the family. He started off by saying that he doesn't like the idea of us coming over after this time to talk about religion. That's a great start, right? So we taught him the first thing we usually teach people and he totally didn't want anything to do with it. It was really depressing. We had even brought over a member to be there to help us with the lesson and to give him a friend in the church. So yeah, that one didn't work out at all. But, the member we brought said that she has someone that she wants us to visit, so that's a good thing that came from that visit! 

Other news, we found another family that meets some of the same criteria of the family that my companion drew! The husband was doing his college homework, they are both from El Salvador, and she has big cheeks! Those were all things that my companion included in his drawing. And the wife is super ready to hear us! So it's a good thing that happened, just last night.

Other other news. We found a different family that are all awesome too! The mom of the family has gone to our church earlier in her life and said that when she first talked to us, she told her 3 teenaged kids, "We'll go to that church soon." It's awesome! She wasn't able to go yesterday, because she was having her baby shower (it's a huge thing for Hispanics) so we will see her during this week and she already promised to go this sunday! GOOD THINGS! And her kids are all super ready to hear us too! GOOD FAMILY THINGS!! WOO!

anyways, I hope that I don't get transferred and that you all have an Excellent week and an Excellent easter!

Elder Cox
Elder Andrew Cox
Outstanding in his field.

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