Monday, March 14, 2016

This week man!

So. Yeah. This. Week. Was. A. Week. Amen.

So, really awesome news! An investigator of ours named Evelio literally had a dream from God that showed him that the Book of Mormon was important. Lemme explain. So, he said that at the end of his dream (cuz the beginning part was just weird dream stuff), he said he sat down at a table and he knew that God was there, just invisible. He could feel that God was there. God set on the table in front of him the Bible, some other religious, chicken-soup-for-the-soul type of book that the investigator reads, and The Book of Mormon in a stack. He then heard the Holy Spirit say, "I'm going to explain these to you." And then his wife woke him up. AW! That's so MIRACULOUS!! Literally, Evelio had a dream that told him the Book of Mormon is as important as the Bible and it was from God!!!!! AWWWWW YEAH! That was like the best of part of my time here in Iowa!!! 

More awesome news! Elder Peters recently drew a little family on a sticky note and we prayed to God to help us find this family. It was incredibly specific. Father: College education, bushy eyebrows. Mother: From El Salvador, big cheeks. Kids: 2 twins of a boy and a girl, 2 other kids, all above the age of 8. WE FOUND THEM! It wasn't exactly as Elder Peters drew but we found the following: Father: Bushy eyebrows (college education not verified yet, we will find out lol). Sister of Father: Big Cheeks. Mother: Really kind. Kids 6 kids all above the age of 8! We were given by God more than what we expected! It's awesome! And it's ok that not everything was done specifically how Elder Peters' drew it, it was still another MIRACLE!!!! YAY!!!! 

Also, on Friday, we went to Orange City, Iowa to give a 3 classes to high school students! It was pretty terrifying. It is a private Christian High School and they had some HARD questions. They are realllllllyyyy intelligent kids, so they really wanted to understand what we were saying or they wanted to find out the beliefs we have on some hard topics. It was a good experience though. I learned that I would be just fine having a job as a teacher and I might actually look into going into that field. 

So yeah, that's the week! It was good. I'm doing great out here! I'm nervous, cuz this might be the last week I spend here. Transfers are next Wednesday, so I'm gonna be taking some pictures just in case I get moved. It's been really good here, so I'm happy with the time that I have spent here.

Love you all!

Elder Cox

P.S. I want to invite you all to go to because there is a REALLY SWEET video about Jesus Christ and Easter on that website. It's a great way to begin to remember the special Easter time!

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