Monday, April 18, 2016


I hope you all enjoyed that little video! I was wearing a onesie thing that someone left in the apartment. I wear it to bed when I have exchanges with other missionaries, just to see what their reaction is. It's usually funny XD.

Anyways, on to this week. We had a fun experience this week! There is a kid named Rey. He got baptized back in October of last year. He is awesome. And he is 10. We were gonna see him and teach him a bit more but he was outside playing with some friends. So, we asked him: "Would any of your friends like to hear a message?" He just turns around and yells, "Hey! You guys wanna hear something?" THEY CAME RUNNING XD. and that's how I taught like 9 fifth grades at the same time. It was fun! They were kinda distracted during it but they did a great job paying attention overall. It was pretty cool to see that too. We are gonna see some of their families later this week, which is awesome! 

Otherwise, I went back down to Omaha for a day and did an exchange with the Assistants to the Mission President (my 2nd time). It was awesome. I was with Elder Smith. He reeeaaallllllyyy likes Pokemon so when he saw my Pokemon wallet (which I still used) he was very excited XD. It was a great time in Omaha. 

Otherwise, we have been able to do some good things with the members of our little congregation. We got basically a little calendar of when they are available to help us out and we've started to really coordinate with them more for their help. We like to get the help of our members while we teach because it's about the biggest thing that can help the people we teach. They can have a friend to call on in a time of need or if they have questions and that friend stays for a lot longer than any missionary will stay. It's a great thing! 

I hope you all have a great week! Que se cuiden! (take care)

Elder Cox

P.S. Here is a beautiful sunset we saw last week.

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