Monday, April 4, 2016

The Revelatory Week!

So, for those of you who didn't already know, this last weekend was something called General Conference. General Conference is where the Prophet (leader of the Church), the Apostles (his 12 assistants), and other leaders of our church take a weekend to talk to us and give us guidance, according to that which the Holy Spirit of God tells them to give us. There is a lot of things to be talked about, so they use this special time to tell us the things we must do and the things we must know to be effective in our lives, in relationship to all parts of our lives, whether it be Religious, Temporal, etc. They can give us the guidance that we need to feel peace in this life and to achieve eternal life in the life to come. It's a very special time that is meant for all on the earth to hear and listen too. It's a special time of guidance and revelation (communication from God to us). It was an awesome weekend!!! I really feel that what I heard will help all my life, not only right now but for the rest of my life! It's awesome!!!!!!!! I loved it.

Yeah, other than listening to the words of a modern day prophet, this week was also awesome because we found some cool new people to teach! They are a 15 year-old young man named Hector and his 11 year-old sister Miriam! Their mom is a woman who was baptized when they lived in Guatemala and they recently moved in up here in Sioux City! They are really smart kids and they are also very inquisitive! They just ask a lot of questions and are all really sincere good questions! It's really exciting to teach people like that. They are ready for us to help them get closer to Christ! 

So yeah, this week was awesome! Yesterday was like 75 degrees and it was beautiful! Love it! 

I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Cox

PS the sd card thing still doesn't work T.T I'll make sure I get a computer where it works next week, ok? ok!

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