Monday, September 26, 2016

This week was bomb.

The Highlights first: We found a bunch of new investigators! The first one is named Susan. She is someone that we talked to in an African Weave store when we were teaching her daughter. We got her information and then we visited her and eventually she was home! She really wants to be the best Christian possible so we told her that this was the best way to do that.
The second and third ones are an awesome family that moved from one side of town to our side of town. It is perfect! So they are Native American of the Lakota Sioux tribe and they are pretty ready for the message that we bring. So that's good. 
The fourth through sixth are another awesome family who have been in our side of town for a while but they are ones that I never really talked. I've talked to the mom before but I did not know that her children have not been baptized! So her 14 year old daughter realllly wants to be baptized and we are excited to help her with that!

Otherwise, so other events were this: We got hit by a native man. We were just talking to some kids outside and this man walks past us and just smacks our shoulders saying "have fun". It is a kinda sketchy part of town though. Another strange event is that I had like MAJOR deja vu even though I have literally never been to this place before. We were trying to contact this person who speaks spanish and I vividly remembered seeing the house number, my companion to my left, a van in the reflection of the screen door, and the words "2 months" in my head. It was weird. But yeah.

Love y'all!

Elder Cox

P.S. We went to the sioux falls last monday. Here is our selfie!

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