Monday, October 3, 2016

Lots of Revelation

So the word revelation denotes receiving communication from God. It is received through the Holy Spirit of God and is of great worth to everyone! So, this week, there were two special things that happened to help me receive revelation.

First: Mission Leadership Council, which is something that I've gone to before many times and is always so useful to me as a leader over my missionaries

Second: General Conference. So, twice a year the Prophet and Apostles do a big, 12 hour total broadcast for all the members of the church. They give talks about important doctrine and it's application to us as children of God, especially specific to our day and age. This Broadcast is called General Conference. It is always a special time of the year and helps me through 6 months until the next General Conference. It is always special to hear the Words of God directly through his called servants.

This week was really slow for us. We only had like 4 days basically to work because Friday was MLC, and Saturdayand Sunday were full of Conference, which was worth it! But we only were able to meet with a choice few people this week. We met with Hirut (who I have mentioned before) and she is doing great. She never seems to be able to come to church but she has decided that she isn't even going to tell us that she is going to come because she will come no matter what the next few weeks! It's awesome! She is committed to the cause! I really liked that! Otherwise, we found out one of the people that we are teaching that likes to go to church may be moving out of Sioux Falls! Sadness, but we are going to pray for her.

I really like it up here! It is really awesome. It isn't cold yet, which is good. But I hear it is on the way soon. :(

Love y'all!

Elder Cox 

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