Monday, February 2, 2015

2 Feet of Snow! (Week 8)

questions that were asked: I cover like 12 english areas but there it is 1 Spanish area with a congregation that contains only Spanish members and I am attending that ward. Snow, as stated in the title was like 2 feet in some places. On sunday, we couldn't use our car (by order of the leaders in our zone) but we still half-walk, half-driven by a member to the church building and that member to clean up snow, and the that member fed us some awesome sandwiches. I would send pictures but i didn't take any. It'll still be here so i'll get some pictures and try to send them. This email service doesn't like sending my pictures.

this week has been pretty awesome. on thursday, we had a spanish conference, in which all 24 spanish missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission gathered for training and instruction from leaders. It was sweet to see everyone and I understood like 75% of what they were saying! It felt good. Still a little unconfident in my Spanish ability but i'm trying! That is what counts (well trying and then getting better because of that trying). Thankfully, I haven't met any Cubans, who leave out like half of a sentence apparently. I'm blessed for that.

The day before the Spanish Conference, we had exchanges with another set of missionaries. Exchanges is when one set of missionaries comes to another set's area and helps them out for a day. I was with Elder Anderson, who was pretty cool and was learning spanish even though he had been on a mission for 15 months. He was called to speak English originally but was changed to Spanish like 5 months ago. Pretty crazy thought. We did some foot work (because the other too had the car) and met quite a few interesting people. Some hispanic lady was Terrified of us, but when we explained we were "the Jesus people" (as elder anderson put it) she was much less scared. It's the suit, i swear.

Me and Elder Wilson (my companion) have had like 2 days where we had to stay inside for quite awhile because elder wilson was sick with the flu. Luckily, he is better now and we can devote ourselves to this cause. Miss you all! (but not really, too busy working to miss you lol)

Elder Cox

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