Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 9!

I almost can't believe it's been 9 weeks! But then I remember that I spent 6 weeks in Mexico lol. Also, the computer/the email service is still not letting me send pictures! I'll keep trying. I wanted to send a few for all of you guys.

This week has been kinda weird. We've done a lot, but I don't feel like we have. It's only because I went on exchanges again (exchanges=changing companions for a day or just for a few hours) 3 times this week. The first time, Wednesday, was for the entire day. Elder Wilson and his temporary companion visited some people but I was in a different area visiting people. So it doesn't really feel like I did a whole lotta work, but I still did work. It's weird. The next day, i swapped with the other spanish missionaries and taught a guy that we had found the week before. He Is from El Salvador and as a child was trained as a soldier for their Civil War. Because of that, he is missing half of is right foot. Pretty crazy. But I and my temporary companion, Elder Draper, taught him and his son and I think they really liked our message. 

The next day, Elder Wilson had a leadership meeting so I went with 2 other missionaries who had companions doing the same thing and we just like sat around because all of their Investigators (people who are being taught) were all unavailable. Eventually, one called us up to help him move some furniture but that's all we really did for about 4 hours. Kinda sucked. I wanted to do stuff and so did the missionaries I was with, but there was nothing to do. Most of the time, there is something to do. There aren't many times where we just sit around, so those times just feel weird.

We've been working with a lot of people and I think we are really helping them. A lot of them have been in gangs or affected by gang activity (there are some big mexican based gangs in omaha but they only do stuff at night so we aren't in any danger). Just by teaching them that God loves them and God wants them to love others, I see a change in the way they talk, and they often tell us that they feel better. It makes me want to help even more people feel better. I just wanna spread the love, man!

Been real good here. Take care back home everyone! Miss you guys!

Elder Cox

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