Monday, February 23, 2015

Birthday Week (Week 11)

Had a great birthday! Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes! I got quite a few of them so I'm really happy that everyone remembered. My companion and the 2 other Spanish Elders in the area had a little surprise party for me. The other elders bought a little cake (like a 4 piece cake) and a gallon of Ice Cream to celebrate. We played Settlers of Catan (sweet board game if anyone didn't know) and watched Church movies (literally the only movies we can watch). They slept over too! Super fun and simple way to celebrate.  

We have had an interesting week. We weren't able to teach a whole lot of people but when we were able to teach, it went really really awesome. I was able to say a lot more than usual and really feel that what I was saying was what I was supposed to say. Usually I kinda question myself but I didn't do that a whole lot this week. I was also able to teach a (small) lesson all by myself. It was in English, but it's a start.

Also on my birthday, a lot of missionaries were able to go to the Winter Quarters Temple, which is the temple in Omaha. It's a really beautiful place and I reallllly love being able to go the temple again. It was a really special experience to know that I was helping those that have passed on to have an opportunity to progress and become closer to salvation for themselves. Here's a picture of the missionaries that all were able to go (minus like 2 or 4 who had to leave really fast):
*it didn't come through in the email but I'll edit it in when I can*
(Elder Wilson is the one that is just behind me btw. I'm on the very left if you forgot what i look like)

It was super awesome this week. The only problem I've been having is being able to talk to Elder Wilson a lot. I just have constant communication issues i guess. I just don't feel comfortable talking to him but I think it's just because I feel so outclassed. He is like an expert missionary and I just got out here. Kinda intimidating, but we've both been helping each other out. It's a part of missionary and future life that I will need to be used to anyways. My Spanish is improving. I've been using it more and more outside of lessons which makes it easier when I am in a lesson.

Doing great and loving it out here! Miss you all a tiny bit!

Elder Cox

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