Monday, March 23, 2015


This week felt really short lol. Feels like today should be Friday! But it's Monday. And today, we are going to the Zoo! A bunch of missionaries are gonna be coming with us and we're gonna have an awesome time! The Omaha Zoo is like the Number 1 Zoo in the nation so I'm really excited. I'll have to tell you guys all about it next e-mail.
On Wednesday, we had Zone Training, which was awesome and was all about loving the people and having charity for others. It was really nice to hear what everyone thought about it too. Everyone had something to say and it helped me understand that I need to have love for everyone. One way that we can love people is by serving them. And Elder Wilson and I were able to do some service on Friday! We helped this older lady, who is a friend of a member (member's name is Brother Miranda), move a bunch of her stuff out of her apartment to her new house and to a storage unit. Her new house was a beautiful ranch house just outta Omaha. I wish I had brought my camera to take pictures. It was really awesome to be able to help someone with something like that.
We don't get a lot of opportunities to do service. This week, however, will have a lot of service. Brother Miranda works at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) as a Spanish professor. Like 13 years ago, he  set up a week of service every year, during UNO's spring break. He calls it 7 Days Of Service. Every morning of this week people come to the campus early to sign up and have a small breakfast and them get on buses to go to the area where they will be helping out in. They then get lunch and it's over by like 1:30. We'll be doing this like 2 or 3 times this week and it'll be awesome!
On Saturday, we had a baptism! Alexandra, 10 years old, got baptized and I totally didn't get a picture (I really need to work on that), but I can get it from the mom or something for next week. It was a really awesome experience because her family, her grandma, and her aunt were able to come and see. She was super excited too. She chose Elder Wilson to baptize her and it was a super spiritual experience. She was smiling so much and so was her family. I love being able to see that happiness in people's lives!

Overall, things are getting better! I feel like I still have communication problems but I'm learning. My Spanish is coming along too! I translated all of church on Sunday from Spanish to English for Bryan! I only didn't understand some of the parts so I just told him all I understood and what he was trying to accomplish by it, so I don't think I did that bad lol. Loving it here!
Missing you all, at least a little bit.
Elder Cox

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