Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of Learning

This week has been pretty sweet. Been doing some training online, had a Zone Conference (like every missionary in the area comes and we hear from our leaders about how we can be better. There are like 50-70 missionaries in Omaha so it was super sweet), and Elder Wilson has been helping learn how to call people, plan, and teach more effectively. I feel like I've come really far since the beginning of my mission, but I know that I still have a ways to go. This next week is gonna be really sweet to in learning how to be a more efficient missionary. Can't wait!
One of the things we did this week was plan an activity at the church building for our members to meet people that are investigating the church and people that don't really come to church. One of the things we know that helps people be more comfortable coming to church and learning is when they have a friend to be with (instead just us weird missionaries). We invited a ton of people (this is where I learned how to talk on the phone/invite people better) and had a super awesome time, even though the people we invited that are not members were all not able to come because of reasons (not all very good ones either lol). It's something we are gonna try to do like every week to help ward members have fun and get to know those who need friends. I think it's really gonna help the people we teach see that Mormons can have fun too! XD
This week has been pretty good with lessons too. This week, Bryan (the guy from last e-mail) actually accepted our invitation to be baptized in 2 weeks! (28th of March) He said he will struggle to give up smoking, drinking beer, and coffee (our church believe we should be free from all physical addiction) but that he would try. We gave him a blessing to help him and he said that would prepare for the 28th the be baptized, meaning he would give all of those up. It's crazy to see the changes that have happened with him just over the past few weeks. We started teaching him only like the 17th of February. Since that time, he has already told us of times that his perspective has changed and he has seen situations differently. He knows that our message has already changed his life in small ways that can help him be a better example to his family, which is the most important thing to him. It's just awesome to be able to be part of that in someone's life.
It's been awesome out here. All the snow is gone and today it is 93 degrees! It's ridiculous! But I'm really loving it out here. Didn't think I'd be so excited to in Nebraska XD

Stay golden, everyone! Love you all!

Elder Cox

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