Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun Week!

Monday, April 21, 2015

This is one day late because yesterday (and earlier today), I was pretty sick. Had a bad headache, back and legs hurting, stomach not the best. It got slowly got better and better one thing at a time. But even though I was sick, I still went to the Zoo! It was super fun. A bunch of missionaries from Sioux City, Iowa came down to Omaha to go to the zoo so we went with them. I actually have pictures this time! I didn't get any with the whole group on my camera but the one that has the picture will send it to me. I'll send a few to you guys. It'll be in separate e-mails mostly. It's the number 1 zoo in the country, mostly because it is only $15 to get in and it has a bunch of super awesome exhibits like the dome that has a simulated desert, a simulated swamp, and a simulated rainforest. It's super intense.

In terms of last week, it's been super awesome! It's been kinda hard sometimes, cuz we have a lot of people that we need to visit but we don't know what time they will be home. But we've seen some miracles because we have tried. Even something as simple as meeting them and confirming their phone number is a miracle for us.

I'm still doing great out here. Me and Elder Jensen are like good friends already and are getting along really well. It's really fun having a new area to be in with a lot of new people to see. I hope all of you are doing well! Missing you all!
Elder Cox

Pictures at the Omaha Zoo

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