Monday, April 6, 2015

Irregular Week

Week Break-Down: This week felt super weird. We went Ice-Skating on Monday again, which was sweet! (2 pictures below of the missionaries that were there) I'm getting pretty good at Ice-Skating and it's super fun. We then went and helped a member start to pack up everything in his house. Tuesday was ALL DAY at that member's house (Brother Galeno) helping him get the U-Haul and start packing it up.
Wednesday was Exchanges with my zone leader (Elder Gardner), which was awesome because I got to drive.
Thursday, we had a guy that we haven't been able to talk to like ever call us for help cuz he crashed his car into someone's fence and then we went back to Brother Galeno's to help him finish packing (he was supposed to leave on Wednesday but got like super sick. He left Friday morning).
Friday was a competition between the Spanish Elders and Sisters to see who could contact and give letters to a lot of people that haven't been to church in a while.
And then Saturday and Sunday was filled with General Conference (in our church, in april and October, we have broadcasts from the leaders of our church giving the church as a whole guidance, cautions, instruction, etc. It's always a really good experience and helps guide people with current problems in the world or problems that may be in the future).
Not a whole lot more to say about this week, Other than the fact that Elder Wilson will be going home tomorrow and I'll be with the other Elders until Friday when I get my new companion who I don't know who will be. Lots of unknowns about this week but it makes it all the more interesting and exciting! I know that even though I don't quite feel ready to be left to a new companion, I know that the strength of the Lord will be with us as we are following his commandments. I just hope he's nice (jk, every missionary I've met here is like super nice). 
So, since Easter just passed, I wanna let everyone know that I know that Easter is more than just eggs and the Easter Bunny. Easter is the Day that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer, rose triumphant from death and was resurrected. This has eternal significance for us all. Because he rose from death, we too will be resurrected at the Great and Last Judgment Day and we will be able to live forever with our Father in Heaven, if we keep his commandments and do all that we can to be worthy to return and live with him. I know this and it gives me a crazy amount of hope. I know that because Christ was resurrected, we need not fear death. Death is swallowed up in the victory of Christ.
Elder Cox

People are listed from left to right
1st: Ice-Skating: Sister Grubbs, Sister Kennion, Sister Wilding, Sister Henderson, Elder Wilson, Elder Maradiaga, Elder Benetez, Me (with my terrible smile), Elder Lott, Elder Andersen, Elder Draper, Elder Barton

2nd: (side note, these are all Spanish speaking elders in the City of Omaha and out lying cities): Elder Wilson, Elder Andersen, Elder Me, Elder Barton, Elder Maradiaga (or Diggity as we call him)

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