Monday, April 27, 2015

A Pretty Sick Week

This week was literally sick. Like, I was sick for 3 days (tues, wed, thurs). I had some type of stomach flu and just had diarrhea for forever. It was terrible. So there isn't a whole lot to talk about. I'm feeling superb now but I was feeling just awful before. My throat is a bit sore but that's only getting better so this week will be awesome. umm. what now. 

I'll tell something that happened this week. On Friday, we visited this older couple named Artemio and Blanca. Blanca hasn't been to church in forever and Artemio isn't a member. So we were talking, you know, getting to know them. Then we start teaching a little bit. And we start having difficulty explaining something cuz Spanish is flipping hard sometimes. Blanca then basically says "Well you guys should go with someone who is experienced in Spanish and then come back and teach us." Pretty rude, right? Well yeah but it's kinda funny looking back. Because right after that, Artemio says something to like this, "No, it's like when I try to explain stuff in English. When I start trying, it's hard. But there is always like one key word that I say that helps them understand. It's the same for you guys and it's good that you are trying to learn my language." It's really kinda funny that they do that because that's basically the 2 types of people that we find: Those that kind of judge us cuz we kinda suck at Spanish and those who try to help us speak Spanish better. The latter is most of the people we find. They find it funny when we speak sometimes and try to help us with better ways to say it and better words to use. Spanish people are usually the nicest people ever, I swear. 

Hispanics are also super nice because they are always willing to give us food. There is almost not a day that passes when we don't have a dinner with a member. Tonight is the first night that we have to get our own dinner within the past 4 weeks I think. But we have leftovers that we need to eat XD. It's a huge blessing to have such a willing ward. I think that sometimes they fight over who gets to feed us on certain nights. I know that sometimes they sign up a week in advance. It's crazy how awesome the people here are. So if anyone asks how i'm doing, one thing you can say is that I never go hungry in Omaha. In fact, just this past week, we have had like 4 pizzas given to us for dinner. It's almost annoying XD but pizza is the best so it's not annoying. The food is also always super delicious. food from mexico, Ecuador once or twice, El Salvador once. It's all super good.

Anyways, this next week is gonna be boss. Tata for now!

Elder Cox

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