Monday, September 14, 2015

A week and a fight!

Ok, so the fight doesn't involve me. It involves 2 Orb Weaver spiders. Elder Stoker (english speaking missionary serving in the same city as me) was taught by a polynesian companion how to catch and then fight Orb Weaver spiders. It's actually really intense. The picture included is when one spider beat the other one and then wrapped it up to eat later. Really wicked sick guys. Like, It was intense. Anyways, other than that, there were no other fights. Yet.

So this week, we spent 1 day in Sioux City, Iowa. We have meetings there pretty often and this time, we had 2 meetings: one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Wednesday, we had Trainer-Trainee Meeting, which was for all the missionaries that are training new missionaries and the ones that are new missionaries. It was really good. We created a vision, goal, and plan for each of our companions and got advice on how to help them become the missionary they need to be. It was sweet. Thursday, we had Zone Training. It was really sweet.

Otherwise, this week was a really normal, but very productive week! We were able to see a lot of people and had a lot of lessons with new people too, even though we spent an entire day in Sioux City. While we were in Sioux City, I got to be with my old companion, Elder Jensen! It was super awesome. He and I got to teach together again. We found some people who were from Iraq and were Shiite Muslims. They were super nice and had a few stories to tell. The military was really helping out over there when they were there. They say that the news is very unreliable. Really nice opportunity to get a look at a bit of their beliefs too. It was super awesome. Then, we visited someone who is of the Seventh Day Adventists. It was a really good experience too, because I saw that their religion has a lot of truth to it. They are just realllllllllyyy adamant about the Sabbath day being Saturday. Otherwise, their religion is pretty darn similar to the one I belong to. It's a big thing too; all religions have truth in them. And they are all trying their best to be right by God. But I testify that the complete truth has been restored by Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith. It's what I believe with all my heart. I wouldn't be out here if I didn't know that this is true. And I will continue to be out here until I am released because I want to share this truth with everyone that I can. 

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Cox  

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