Monday, September 28, 2015

BAUTISMO! (translation: BAPTISM!)

So on Saturday, we had a baptism! I mentioned it last week and it happened! It was awesome! We lot more people show up than we thought we would. I talked about the Holy Ghost during the baptismal service and I think I did ok. Jasmin is the name of the person who got baptized. We did the baptism in Spanglish, because there was a lot of people that spoke only english there and her parents who don't speak English were there. It was really super-duper-diddily awesome! She also invited some of her friends, who aren't members to come and the mom of this family was crying during the actual baptism. I know I could feel the Holy Ghost there, telling us all that this was truly a life changing event happening here. I know that the Holy Ghost was testifying to her that baptism is the way that we can get closer to our Father in Heaven.

With that baptism, we had a super epic week! Normally in a week, we set the goal to find like 3 new people to teach. But, this week, we found 10! THAT'S A CRAZY NUMBER! It's been a real blessing to see that we can find so many people. We've been working really hard to reach what are called the Standards of Excellence. Those are certain goals our mission leaders give to try and reach every week. They are not easy to get, but it is possible. They are numbers like how many lessons we get, non-members at church, people that have a date set for baptism, etc. These numbers measure how much effort we are putting forth and basically tell us how many people are accepting our message, and it correspondes to how many people we invite to accept our message. Even if we have low numbers, we can still be very successful. The numbers just show how much success the Lord is giving us and how many people we are able to help. It's weird to explain. But, we didn't get it this week. We are closer than we have ever been, but there is one thing that we can't control: Peoples choices. If they choose not to come to church, we can't force them too. We can only invite. But, I know that we can get these standards. It's something that Elder Wiltbank and I really wanna achieve. And we know the Lord can help us achieve this goal. 

Anyway, I'm doing well. I hope you all are too. Love you all!!

Elder Cox

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