Monday, September 21, 2015


Overall, this week wasn't too exciting. But, I have some exciting news: this Saturday, we are going to have a baptism! It's really exciting! I have told you guys about Jasmin. She is the niece of a family in the ward from Mexico. She grew up in California and her grandmother took her to our church for a very long time. She was gonna be baptized when she was a lot younger but her mom didn't approve it. So, after about like 10 years now, she can make her own choice whether to be baptized or not. And she chose to do it. And it's gonna be this Saturday! I'm really excited. She asked Elder Wiltbank to baptize her, and he is happier than a woodchuck in a wood pile to do so! It's pretty great being out here. I get to help people change their lives and make decisions that will bring them closer to their Heavenly Father. It's a huge priviledge. 

So, yesterday, a women named Elizabeth came to our church. She lives in a place called West Point, which is 45 minutes away from Norfolk, which is where the church is. We've met with her twice and committed her to be baptized on October 24th. We didn't really expect her to come to church yet, even though we invited her. Usually, people don't start coming until like 4 visits. But she surprised us with a phone call, and told us that she didn't know where the church building is. We met her at a different church parking lot and then she followed us to our church. We introduced her to one of the Spanish families and then she was introduced to all the Spanish families. She went to the Sunday School class that we have in Spanish and was immediately friend-shipped by all of them. She had a great time. She said that she would be back next week and she received an invitation to come over to one of the family's houses if she was in Norfolk that week. It was awesome to see how well the members of the congregation were able to see that she needed someone to talk to and just embraced her immediately. I could really see the love of God working within the families and Elizabeth too. I really liked to see that so perfectly.

Have a great week!

Elder Cox

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