Monday, October 19, 2015

A not terrible week!

This week was actually super awesome. It's been a blast out here. By a blast, I mean that not only am I having fun doing missionary work, we are having quite a bit of success. I'll tell you how. 

So, I'll tell you of my best day this week and how it is like the most productive day I've ever had in terms of number of lessons. Overall, numbers aren't overly important, but they help us get a physical representation of how effective we are being. So, it was Friday. An investigator named Almarosa (translation: Pink Soul) invited us over for breakfast and we taught her and her husband a lesson. That's 1. Then we finished our studies and had lunch. Then, as we do on every Friday, we planned out what we are going to teach to all the people that we are currently teaching and make goals for the numbers we want to get. This takes us up to about 5 o'clock. We then went to our appointment that we had. They weren't there. We then had a big string of events that went like this: tried next door and had a lesson (2) ; went to the next street over to see a previous investigator and had a lesson (3) ; tried next door and had a lesson (4) ; went to a different part of town to knock doors and saw someone who we have been trying to find, so we stopped and had a lesson (5) ; got to that other part of town and had 1 lesson from knocking doors (6) ; went to the car to plan what next to do and saw someone pull up to their house so we knocked on their door, turns out they are members and had a lesson with them and gave the wife of that family a blessing of healing (7) ; went and tried someone who said they weren't gonna be home until super late and he was there so we had a lesson (8) ;  went home and ate dinner. That day was crazy!!!!!!! To put it in perspective, a day where we have 4 lessons is a really good day but we had 8! The biggest about all of this day was that we didn't really know for ourselves where we wanted to go originally. It was pretty different from the day that we had originally planned to have, but we felt like we needed to go to other places so we did. #effectivemissionarywork

Other than that, the rest of the week was good too. On Saturday, we were able to have Jasmin, the person that we baptized, go to the temple in Omaha and do baptisms for the dead. Baptisms for the dead is something that we do in our temples. We believe that baptism is essential to go to heaven. We also believe that everyone will have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ after they die. But, without baptism, even if they accept Jesus Christ, they can't go to heaven. So, we believe that it is our responsibility as living members of our church to be baptized in place of those who have passed on. And we got to help in that work on saturday. It was awesome. 

So yeah, I'm doing freaking epic out here.

Love you all! 

Elder Cox

so there was this beautiful sunset so we took some pics. here is my favorite one

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