Monday, October 5, 2015

Transfer Week! #8

Not moving! Yay! 😁😇🙌😹

Still in Norfolk. Another 6 weeks has come and gone and I don't know how I really feel about how fast this is going. Sometimes, I feel like one week has been like 1 month. Other times, one day feels like a week. Most of the time, it feels like It's been maybe been 3 days when it's been a full week. AAHHHHH! Time is so annoying. But I'm still living "The Good Life" here in Nebraska. I really like the people who are here and I like how nice they are. 

So this weekend was something called "General Conference" for our church. It's where the Prophet and the Apostles and other men and women who are called to lead our church get to talk to us and give us advice, teach us things that are important to know in this day and age, and warn us of things to come. It's really amazing. I feel that it is like Christmas for me, cuz we get to hear the words of God through his servants! I wore Christmas ties during it :P. It had some awesome advice in it this time. It happens twice a year, every year. This time was the 185th time that it has happened, since we are coming up on our church's 200 year anniversary. (that's really young for a world wide church). Anyways, I'll share some insights that I had from this year's conference in e-mails in the following weeks, as I re-listen to them. 

This week has been sweet. Saturday, we had dinner with the Cartela Family. They invite over friends of their who has been asking questions about our church. We were able to have Chili with Cinnamon Rolls (which is a weird Nebraska tradition, but it's good too) and answer their questions about our church. Then, yesterday, we taught her the first lesson st the Cartela's house and they wants to keep learning more! They are super cool and I'll be able to tell you guys more about them next week. 

That's about it! I got at least 6 more weeks here in Norfolk, if not more! I'm excited for every single one of them! Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Cox

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