Monday, December 14, 2015

A Special Week

This has been quite the week. There are quite a few parts, so I'll number them:

1. Elder Ferry, my companion, left today. He is ending his mission, and so I'm just gonna be with some other missionaries in the area. We are gonna be having an epic week! And, I'll be doing a lot of work in their area, as well as my own area. It's gonna be great.  Unknown to them, they are both leaving. I'll be teaching the people that they are currently teaching, so It's good to have a bit a time here learning who they are. Elder Ferry and I had a lot less time than usual to be together, because instead of a 6 week time period before changes, it's a 5 week period. If it was 6 weeks, we would have changed people around on Christmas day, which would be bad, since missionaries get to call their families on Christmas day. 

2. Went back to Norfolk for a day! I was able to see a few of the people that I taught again and was able to say good bye to them lol. A few of those that I saw I wasn't able to say goodbye to. It's kinda sad, but now, goodbyes are said.

3. Ricardo. So, I may have mentioned Ricardo previously. He is the nephew of a member here and he is meeting with us. He really wants to get baptized, but is struggling with smoking and, until a few days ago, he was living with his girlfriend. He couldn't get married to her until he was divorced from his wife that he had when he was like 19. Those are two things that need to change to be able to be baptized. Recently he stopped meeting with us, because his girlfriend's mom died. On Thursday, we got a call from him that his girlfriend left and that he wanted to meet with us again. During our lesson on Friday, he decided, just agreed but decided, to be baptized. It's a big difference for missionaries. We invite and they can accept that invite. But, to hear someone say "I am going to be baptized" instead of "I'll get baptized" is really powerful to hear. He is doing awesome now and came to church yesterday, so he is well on his way to be baptized. It's awesome!

4. Temple trip. A very special thing that missionaries get to do sometimes is go to the temple with someone that they baptized earlier in their mission. Elder Ferry got to have that experience and I got to witness it. Someone that he baptized went to the temple. A temple is a house of God here on Earth. Church buildings are a special place where we got to worship God and all are invited, but a Temple is a place that only those that are worthy (or keeping God's commandments) are allowed to enter and we are instructed and make covenants (or 2 way promises) with God. It was even more special because it was all in Spanish! And I was able to understand it and learn a lot; I maybe even understood and learned more than if it was in English! It was awesome. I was also able to see a lot of the Spanish Ward Members in Omaha because they were helping out at the visitor's center right next to the temple. 

Such an awesome Week! It's been a real pleasure to serve with Elder Ferry and to have all of these wonderful experiences. I love it out here! Talk to you all next week!

Elder Cox

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