Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas week!

Hey, if you guys didn't already know, Christmas was this last week. Crazy right?! Lol. I had quite an awesome Christmas! I got a cool multi tool from my brother Charlie, a Doctor Who blanket from my brother Ammon, some shoe Insoles, candy, and other miscellaneous goodies and awesome things from my parents. It was super cool! 

So, this week, we had a great time. We saw some people that we don't always see and we were able to get some progress with them! We met with  a man named Rodolfo. I may have mentioned him before. He is the husband of a member and he is not a member. He is a really good guy. He has a great interest in learning about everything. He has studied a lot of different religions. He also gets worried very easily. He has not recently been doing what we have invited him to do, but this last week he promised us that he would (he usually just says yes). He promised us for the first time that he would read and then he said the prayer to end the lesson and prayed a different way than he had before. He prayed more sincerely and with more of his actual heart in the prayer. It was awesome! That's like the first time I've seen him do anything different. He read what we invited him to read like the very first time we taught him, but not much more since then. It's awesome when I get to see people start to change, to bring their life into harmony with the life God wants for them!

Otherwise, we were Santa this week! all of the presents for the Missionaries in our Zone were delivered to us and we then delivered them to those Missionaries! We had to drive an Hour and a Half south west to Norfolk and an hour and a half back on Wednesday and then an hour and a half east to Storm Lake on Thursday and another hour and a half back. Being Santa takes a lot of time, expecially when you don't have permission to drive Santa's Sleigh XD. All we got is a 2012 Chevy Colorado with a little black box that tells us to slow down if we start to go to fast. but, we did it safely and we got the presents there! 

I hope that you guys all had a great christmas! I hope you all know the true meaning of Christmas isn't just the presents and Santa, but The Only True Gift of Jesus Christ, the Son of God that God himself gave to the world, because He loves us.

Love you all!

Elder Cox

P.S. my companion is voting "Hilary Duff" for President. (he meant Hilary Clinton, and I'm not sure if he was serious or not)

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