Monday, February 1, 2016

This week wasn't even that cold! TRANSFER WEEK! 11th Transfer

This week was like mostly above 30! But, tomorrow or tonight, we have a great chance of getting much snow like 8 inches of snow! This is exciting too because we have a Chevy Cruze instead of the Chevy Colorado truck that we usually have. the mission needed it for when new missionaries will come up here this week, because this week is the week when things change! 
TRANSFER WEEK! Every 6 weeks (or in this case and the case for next transfer, 7) we have changes around the mission! I could get changed (although it is not likely)! So yeah, it's an exciting week. 

This last week was pretty sweet. First off, Angel (the one I talked about last time) decided to be baptized in Tijuana, Mexico where he is going to move in like 2 weeks. Kinda sad that I won't be able to see it but that's ok. There, he will be able to have his dad support him through the things that he will do, so that' s awesome. Hopefully, his dad will want to be baptized too!

Otherwise, this week we are starting an awesome project. So, to preface this project, I need to tell you some facts. So, every member of our church has a responsibility to help other people get closer to Jesus Christ. We call this Missionary Work, which is what I do "full-time" during my mission. the work of the "Full-Time" missionaries is really hard to do alone. It is much more effective and simple when the full time missionaries work with the members of the local congregation to do this "work". So, we saw that we were not able to work very well with the members of our congregation, since most of them only recently join the church. so, we starting a project to train them how to help us, just as we were trained on how they should help us. We have started to form a plan to visit the members of our church and help them know how they can help us do our work and also how we can effective work with them to help them in their responsibility to help their friends and family come closer to Jesus Christ. So yeah. It's gonna be really awesome. It's a long project, but it will really help everyone involved. 

Anyway, that's about it for this week. Love you all!

Elder Cox

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