Monday, February 22, 2016

A good week man.

Apparently, not everyone got an e-mail from me last week. I don't know what happened, since I did in fact send an e-mail. I'll attach a screen shot of it to this e-mail. 

but yeah this week was great! It was my birthday week! As a hispanic tradition, my face was shoved into a cake (la mordida or the bite. It's where you are supposed to take a bit of the cake but while doing that someone pushes your face into the cake). There is a picture of it attached. I want to send the video but it's much to big to send sadly. But it was awesome! I got a sweater from one of the sisters in the congregation and my brother sent me a tie and a watch!  They are both awesome! 

So yeah. This week was good for the work too. We found some awesome new families to teach. We found them because we have been asking more often "Who do you know that we can teach?" Well, not exactly that question but basically that question. It's been really successful. People are telling us to visit their family, friends. neighbors, and anyone they know that needs an uplifting message about Jesus Christ. And we really enjoy being able to talk to them about it! so yeah, good stuff is happening. 

This week, Rodolfo (the one I mentioned last week) has started going through a really rough time in his life and we are really working on trying to help him. We can't do much but we are involving his friends from the congregation to do things that we can't a lot of times. It was really sad to see him in a bad situation but we hope that the congregation can help him where we can't. We are praying for him!

so yeah. That's my week. Hope you all have a good one!

Elder Cox

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