Monday, February 8, 2016

The Biggest Storm Up Here Since 1994 (-ish)

So, this week was very interesting. First and foremost, I was not transferred. I am in the same area and am with the same companion. I can't say that for the rest of our zone. Out of 10 areas, 8 were changed. Lots of changes. But they are all awesome. It's gonna be great. 

Second and not so foremost, We had a huge storm! We had 16 inches of snow! It was way to much snow. The worst part: the truck we usually have was in Omaha for the week. 2 elders who were ending their missions drove it there and we were stuck with a Chevy Cruze. Luckily, the Cruze is surprisingly good in snow weather. We only have to shovel our car out and put wood planks under the tires twice. The other times, we were just pushed out. Only like 3 or 4 times, which is better than I thought. 
The storm started on Tuesday and was a white out blizzard. despite it being a blizzard, Elder Peters and I walked about 1 mile to an investigators' house at 10 a.m. When we were there, we found out we were suggested to not leave our apartments unless we had an appointment. Gotta tell you, it was REALLY FUN to walk in snow that you could barely look into >.<  we walked and got back to our apartment and decided it would be best to stay in, as it was actually really hard to walk through the amount of snow that was already on the ground (the snow had been falling since 12 a.m.). So we clean a lot and studied some. And that was our day. Pretty terrible. The next day, we were gonna do a lot of stuff but the Transmission the car (of the other set of elders in Sioux city) died. It was just ruined. so we helped them out getting to someone who could drive and then had to drive down to Norfolk to interview someone who was about to be baptized. With usual drive of an hour and a half, it took us 2 and a half hours to drive there and 2 hours to drive back. There went that day. That was a pretty annoying 2 days. 

But the rest of the week was awesome. (except for when we had to leave our apartment building because all of the fire alarms were going off. That was pretty annoying too). We weren't really able to see many people but we still had a great time with those that we did see. The storm really messed up our week. And we have one happening today! But it is not as bad, so i'm not worried. 

I hope you all have a great week! I'll have more to say about the people I teach next week so be ready for that!

Elder Cox

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